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Are you experiencing issues with the quality of cleaning services at your facility? 
Give gloucester cheltenham & stroud carpet cleaning an opportunity to solve these issues for you with a customized janitorial and cleaning quote. gloucester Cleaning service has built its reputation on delivering high quality service, good communication, and integrity for all of our customers.  We are available to customize any size job to suit your companies needs. We have trained technicians and sales team that work hard to keep the gloucester cheltenham & stroud carpet cleaning “5 Star Guarantee” in force 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
our Cleaning service uses only environmentally safe chemicals and cleaning detergents. We provide janitorial service for a variety of industries, including the following:
cinemas, General Offices, Retail Stores, Multi-Tenant Facilities, Medical Offices, Schools, Preschools, Day Care, Colleges, Churches, Auto Dealerships, Fitness Centres, Restaurants Governmental offices

Commercial Cleaning Services
Your standards and expectations are high when it comes to the cleanliness of you store or retail outlet.  is known to meet those standards and expectations and help you rise above market place competition. Our services and cliental include and are not limited to the following since our Cleaning Service customizes a plan for any size business to meet your needs: 

  Indoor shops -    Free standing retail locations  -  Outdoor shopping centers
  Food courts
  Remove debris from landscape pots and planter 
  Sweep and clean entrances 
  Clean/sanitize and remove smudges from entry door glass 
  Clean and polish entry handles, sills, doorplates/metal rim 
  Dust and clean baseboards, ledges and exit signs 
  Clean glass, wood or metal doors, and doorjambs
  Empty ashtrays and clean sand urns, fill sand as needed
  Clean and sanitize water fountains
  Spot clean and vacuum carpets
  Sweep/sanitize dust mop and damp mop floors 

cinemas & shops:
gloucester cheltenham & stroud carpet cleaning specialty is cleaning Movie Theatres. From 24 hour a day, 7 day a week janitorial service, to carpet cleaning, high dusting, screen cleaning, floors, and more, gloucester cheltenham & stroud carpet cleaning is the answer to all your hotels cleaning needs. Below is our regular janitorial maintenance program.
**(Our Cleaned side ^^ & Dirty side^^)** 
Auditoriums-cleaned daily
 Pick up all large trash, cups, boxes, containers etc.
Change all auditorium trash liners and double bag all canisters. 
Vacuum/sweep the auditoriums giving special attention to underneath seats,
 and corners (carpeted walls, tile floors and carpets). 
Clean to a consistent shine all inlaid trash container fronts, all rails, banisters,  fire extinguisher cabinets, doors, door handles, Arcades, metal plates, door stops and thresholds using all purpose cleaner and cloths.
Clean entrance door windows with glass cleaner and paper towels.
 Mop all floors with clean water and rinsed out mops using neutral cleaner.
Pay special attention to edges of molding, seat standards and underneath seats.
De-gum and de-candy all auditorium floors (hard surface, and carpet) using
scrapers and gum removing chemical provided by the theater.
Clean all obvious stains or spills, as well as gum or candy on seats or seat pads.
 Spot clean carpets for upkeep weekly.

Common Areas-cleaned daily
Vacuum all carpeted floors.
Change all garbage can liners.
Double bagging all canisters and  cleaning/deodorizing.
Sweep and mop lobby floor leaving no streaks, spots or water marks. De-gum all lobby and hallway floors using scraper and gum removing chemical. Clean all ground floor windows inside/outside with glass cleaner and paper towels. Wipe down games from top to bottom. Clean marquis as needed using glass cleaner and paper towels.
Check and wipe down walls as needed using all purpose cleaner and cloths. Clean doors and frames as needed with all purpose cleaner and cloths.
toilets - cleaned daily
Sweep floors. Change paper products Empty feminine napkin dispensers and disinfect. Change garbage liners and clean and disinfect canisters. Clean and disinfect vanities, bowls and chrome fixtures until they
have a consistent shine.
Clean mirrors with glass cleaner. Clean and disinfect toilets and urinals with brushes and Johnny mops including rims, bowls, seats (both sides), bases and chrome fixtures. Wipe down walls and stall walls with disinfectant/glass cleaner. Special att. to behind toilets and under urinals.
Dust  all flat surfaces in restrooms including the tops of the stall walls. Clean and disinfect doors, door handles and stops. Clean/disinfect all dispensers. Check and clean air vents as needed. Mop floors with all purpose cleaner/disinfectant giving special attention to behind toilets and where the floor meets the wall and corners.
Janitors Room
Rid empty boxes. Organize supplies. Empty buckets and rinse mops after work day. Sweep and mop floors.
Remove personal items when leaving.
Weekly and Monthly tasks
Clean seat backs and cup holders four days a week on Mondays thru Thursdays at the rate of one auditorium per day except for the large auditoriums’; those will take two days. We will begin at the beginning of each month and clean four days a week  until all the auditoriums are finished.
Additional yearly Services We Clean.
Washing auditorium walls/remove stains

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